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"Hallucinogenic Plants" by Richard Evans Schultes:

Summary by GPT-3.5:

"Hallucinogenic Plants" by Richard Evans Schultes is a comprehensive guide that explores the botanical, cultural, and chemical aspects of psychoactive plants from around the world, including their descriptions, cultural significance, chemical compounds, safety considerations, and illustrations to aid in identification.

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Truecrypt7.1a – Download and Full Guide on Use and Data Security Pointers.

Summary by GPT-3.5:

This guide discusses how to establish TrueCrypt files for safe data storage and privacy protection, with the aim of addressing the importance of data security in today's internet age.

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Stable Diffusion - Image generating AI (Guide)

Summary by GPT-3.5:

This article provides tools and links to use Stable Diffusion, a powerful AI image creator that may soon lead to entire animations being made through the combination of various AIs, and includes a collection of AI images made by others.

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