i Revolutionizing Legal Advisory with AI: A Sydney Build Club Hackathon

Revolutionizing Legal Advisory with AI: A Sydney Build Club Hackathon

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In an era where artificial intelligence is transforming industries, the Sydney Build Club hackathon set the stage for innovators to showcase their prowess. The challenge was clear: "Team up or build alone to leverage one of our sponsors and build to address this statement: ☁️ AI for a better world e.g., LLM energy consumption measurement, agents to augment jobs etc..."

Project Purpose

Our project aims to revolutionize the field of legal advisory by providing unparalleled preliminary legal advice, tailored specifically to the intricacies of trademark law in Australia and New Zealand. This innovative system promises to be a game-changer for individuals seeking legal guidance and for law firms striving to enhance their case analysis and client onboarding processes.

Trademark AUS & NZ AI

Technology Used

  • API: Groq API

  • Model: Mixtral-8x7b-32768

Project Details

  • Creator: Alexei Brown

  • Objective: To harness the power of AI in delivering precise legal advice.

  • Framework: Custom AI models meticulously designed to analyze trademark law in Australia and New Zealand.

Features and Logic

Understanding Legal Foundations

Our AI tool excels in interpreting legal frameworks, emphasizing statute construction, precedent, and analogy. By quoting relevant sections directly from its comprehensive database, it ensures clarity and context in every legal foundation discussion.

Identifying Key Facts and Issues

The system meticulously reads and understands the problem, identifying key facts and legal issues without any alterations. This ensures an accurate and unbiased foundation for further analysis.

Identifying Relevant Law

Through a sophisticated legal taxonomy, the tool determines applicable laws and precedents, providing direct references to statutes and case law. This approach eliminates reliance on memory and enhances the accuracy of legal advice.

Applying Law to Facts

The AI analyzes whether the facts meet the legal principles or statute sections' elements, delivering well-founded conclusions on each issue.

Formulating Legal Arguments

Our tool supports legal conclusions with coherent arguments, based on key facts and relevant law. It avoids unnecessary quotations, ensuring logical coherence and persuasive legal reasoning.

Summarizing Legal Analysis and Argument

Employing a step-by-step approach, the AI summarizes the legal analysis and arguments, presenting a comprehensive and reasoned conclusion.

Additional Features

  • User Authentication: Users can set a unique username and password for each request, allowing them to restore previously generated results.

  • Data Storage: All data is securely stored in a database, managed by the tool's owner. This feature is invaluable for case and client onboarding by law firms.

  • Data Management: Users can clear their data by submitting a new request with the same username and password, ensuring flexibility and control over their information.

  • File Analysis: The system is equipped to analyze specific files submitted by users, enhancing its utility in legal scenarios.

Expansion Ideas

The future of this tool is bright. We envision a platform that allows users to customize their own APIs with ease. By providing inputs to create custom instructions, users can better utilize the Groq API, creating tailored API chains based on this robust template. This customization will empower users to leverage AI in innovative and personalized ways.


Alexei Brown, the creator of this tool, recently completed a trademark course at UTS. With a deep understanding of trademark systems and a knack for integrating AI, Alexei developed custom AI models to analyze Australian and New Zealand trademark law. This project marks a significant step in utilizing the Groq API for sophisticated legal analysis.


The AI legal advisory tool developed for the Sydney Build Club hackathon represents a significant advancement in the field of legal technology. By combining the Groq API with a structured approach to legal analysis, this tool offers precise and comprehensive legal advice. It stands as a powerful resource for individuals seeking preliminary legal guidance and for law firms aiming to enhance their case analysis processes.

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