About Us

Fivelidz is a platform where people can share and upload their thoughts, ideas, and creative work. Originally intended for personal use, we decided to make the upload process public and include a robust commenting system, allowing for open discussion and collaboration.


Our website welcomes all ideas, and users can upload content anonymously. We maintain a high level of openness in terms of moderation, but we reserve the right to not publish articles of poor quality or those containing heinous material.


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    Legal Disclaimer

    Fivelidz is not responsible for any defamation or offense caused by the content uploaded by others. We strongly value free speech and a diversity of views. While we believe that defamation should not be hidden behind anonymity, we are not capable of verifying the identities of anonymous authors.


    Intellectual Property Disclaimer

    By uploading or submitting any material to this website, you agree that it can be published and used within the confines of the site and anywhere else on the site. This includes, but is not limited to, articles, images, and other creative content.


    Although the possibility of monetizing the site is not a priority, if we ever decide to monetize Fivelidz, we will make an effort to proportionally reward those who have contributed content. However, please note that we are not obligated to do so, and the process may be complicated and difficult to implement. This statement serves as an expression of our desire to support those who contribute to our platform, but it does not guarantee compensation.