review of "The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual" by James W. Zubrick

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Title: The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual: A Student's Guide to Techniques
Author: James W. Zubrick
Rating: 4.5/5


"The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual" by James W. Zubrick is a must-have companion for any student embarking on an organic chemistry laboratory course. This guidebook isn't concerned with the theory behind organic reactions, but rather with the practical nuts and bolts of working in the lab.


The manual is well-structured, covering all essential aspects of laboratory work, from the basic use of glassware to more advanced techniques such as spectroscopy. It emphasizes safety and includes plenty of tips and tricks to help students avoid common mistakes.


User-Friendly: Written in a conversational tone, the manual is accessible and avoids jargon that might intimidate a novice. Diagrams and illustrations supplement the text to help visualize complex concepts.

Comprehensive: The book covers a wide range of topics essential for laboratory work, making it a valuable reference throughout a student's academic career.

Practical Focus: Zubrick's manual emphasizes hands-on skills and practical problem-solving, making it uniquely suited to those new to the lab environment.


Lack of Depth in Some Areas: While the book is incredibly helpful in getting started, some students might find the lack of detail in certain areas frustrating, particularly if they're dealing with very specific or advanced techniques.

Style Might Not Suit Everyone: The casual tone can be either engaging or off-putting, depending on personal preference.


For students who are new to the world of organic chemistry or for those looking to refresh their laboratory skills, "The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual" is an invaluable resource. Its hands-on approach and accessible writing style make it a friendly guide through the sometimes intimidating world of organic chemistry. While it may lack depth in certain areas, its broad range of topics and practical advice make it a standout in its field.

This is not a textbook that delves into the underlying chemistry; instead, it's a tool to help students survive and thrive in the laboratory environment. If that's what you're looking for, Zubrick's manual is hard to beat.

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