Why the conflict in the Ukraine is fantastic for the West (USA)

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This is a general muse on this topic.
This was a response to a comment on a different forum I wrote about 6 months ago now. I still think it is quite relevant in explaining how the war in the Ukraine benefits the United States. Included as well is a response to my post elaborating on how it's quite disastrous for Russia as well. They aren't my words and I don't necessarily agree with all the points but I thought it was well reasoned enough to include.

The article picture?

The picture for this article is taken from Wikipedia showing the results of the Ukrainian 2010 election with the 7th of February run off results which was pretty much a 50/50 split. The pro-EU party lost with 45.47% of the popular vote against 48.95%.
I find this picture interesting as it matches the territories now occupied by Russian forces. From an outsider perspective it's a fascinating study of a democratic country being carved up on Partisan lines. It puts perhaps some weight behind Russia's 'sham' referendums on the 30th of September 2022. It's unfortunate that for the Ukraine Govt. that they didn't conduct their own sham referendums whilst they still held those territories but perhaps there was an obvious reason for that?

The Post I Made

Look ... This war is fucking fantastic for the west and America. On many levels.

The foreign policy of since the 1700s from the Anglosphere has been to fuck Russia over and keep Europe divided. America is just leading this now as they are the head of this coalition rather than the UK.

  1. America gets to get rid of their old weapon stock and can trial run their new weapons in a conflict. All of it is lend lease so Ukraine will have to pay it back forever while they destroy their own country.

  2. It drains Russia and will cripple them for this century, Russian geopolitical projection in the Middle East and Europe will be scant making the USA more powerful.

  3. It guts Russia as a potential ally of China and it keeps Brics weak.

  4. It destroys Russian relations with Europe and in the process also weakens Europe. The European brain drain will benefit the Anglosphere and the USA gets more trade as Russia is embargoed. It is possible for the US to ship natural gas to Europe and profit.

  5. Africa is dependent on grain from the Ukraine and Russia and will starve. Their alternative is grain from Australia, USA and Canada. Huge profit.

  6. Ukraine is the biggest nation in Europe and has some of the best farmland. Halfway through 2022 American billionaires like Bill Gates has been buying that farm land and real estate for a fraction of what it should be worth. (Started in 2010), this site tracks the billionaire landgrab too; [farmlandgrab.org] (https://www.farmlandgrab.org/cat/show/16)

  7. It's generally politically and socially supported domestically in the Anglosphere and will help politicians stay in power. This is unlikely to change as well as none of our men are dying.

  8. A protracted decade long war is the most profitable course of action and will revitalise the United States military industrial complex which will be better at dealing with emerging geopolitical threats of the future.

  9. If the Ukraine ends up joining the EU post war the EU will have to shoulder the debt to the USA.

  10. It creates a popular public push in multiple nations to join Nato increasing the USA's security.

A Response

All points are true and it's pretty insignificant to the US whether Ukraine loses or not. It has become a profitable spiral for the US on every foreign and domestic level.

For Russia its the complete opposite on nearly every point, and they have tangled themselves in a scenario where victory is the only option.

  1. It has ruined their diplomatic and economic partnership with Europe for a century.

  2. Upon victory they will inherit a poor, ruined and destabilized territory that will for a long time be an economic liability that needs to be funnel a lot of resources from an already strained Russian economy.

  3. Russia has effectively restored US reputation and public opinion that was tarnished from the Iraq occupation.

  4. Russian domestic political stability is being ruptured, while in the US the politicians are enjoying the rally-round-the-flag effect from the public.

  5. Russia has to sell their excess of natural resources dirt cheap to third world partners while the US reap massive profits from the taxes and tariffs of the expensive prices which isn't even questioned by the public, but accepted as a cost for the war.

  6. Russian ace card has long been the unwillingness of the west to risk a confrontation. The west cannot stomach high casualties in the same length as the Russian people can. The public fear of war will always push western politics to avoid confrontation, but at the same time the west is aware of its military material and technological superiority.
    So how do you stop the grand enemies if you want to use your material advantage but unwillingness to face the conflict? You give your weapons to those who are prepared to fight and die.
    Every destroyed Russian armored vehicle is a major victory for the US as it was basically destroyed for free, but an expensive loss for Russia.

Editor note;
This was all largely written and edited on my phone so I might correct typos and spelling errors as there will likely be some.

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