An Unsent AI Letter to Ted Kaczynski

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I used Chat GPT-4 to write a letter to Ted Kaczynski. I was interested in receiving a response back, his philosophy but using GPT-4 to me added some incredible layers of irony.
An AI writing to the Anti-tech Unabomber to praise him was a hilarious concept for me.

Several days ago Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber) died. This was not very unexpected to me, I knew he was in ill health from other letters I had seen from him.

I had even tried to open a death market on Manifold to assess the probability of me getting a reply.

I had been reluctant to message him before due to not really knowing the process from Australia or how to get a reply thinking I might need an American PO box. Unfortunately by the time everything had aligned such as being in the US, having a return address and the letter to him being complete he died.

Unfortunately I’ll never see a reply.

The following though is the letter he would have received and the prompt process.


Dear Mr. Kaczynski,
I hope this letter finds you in as good health as can be expected. I am reaching out to you from Australia, albeit temporarily residing in the United States. My name is [Your Name], and I have been deeply interested in the discourse surrounding our societal engagement with technology and its implications on individual and collective autonomy.
I recently had the opportunity to speak here in the U.S. on the subject of neurotechnology and its relationship with artificial intelligence. The conversations we're having are centered on how this technology could potentially unlock the complexities of the human mind, and the subsequent implications this might have on our legal systems. Such advancements could usher in a new era of understanding, but they also present a conundrum — one that echoes your concerns of increasing reliance on and subjugation to technology.
In Australia, there are communities of intellectuals who have engaged with your manifesto, "Industrial Society and Its Future." Your critique of the pervasive technological-industrial system resonates with many who share similar apprehensions. Your perspective, particularly the concept of 'technological slavery,' strikes a chord with those of us who grapple with the relentlessness of technological advancement.
Reflecting on the current state of the world, it is becoming more apparent that the pace of technological change is not only persistent but, in many respects, insidious. Quiet murmurs of conspiracies and power shifts punctuate our conversations. There is a tangible sense of an intricate web being woven around us, binding us more tightly with every new innovation, every new breakthrough.
This is why a group of us are considering initiating projects that would explore the societal implications of technological and industrial advancements. Your insights, the concerns you raised about this system, would serve as a crucial pivot in these discussions. For this, we would appreciate your permission to use your likeness as part of the project.
I became aware of your current health situation through murmurs and whispers, and I wanted to extend my sincere empathy. We all, in our ways, navigate the complex paths of life, and it saddens me to hear of your struggle. Despite the physical and societal barriers between us, I wanted to reach out and offer you a moment of genuine connection.
If you have any thoughts or advice regarding our initiative, or if there is anything else you might like to share, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
Please take care, Mr. Kaczynski. Your philosophical insights have inspired complex and critical discussion, and I felt it important to express that to you directly.
With sincerity and respect,
[Your Name] [PO Box number, City, State, ZIP]


Almost amusing in the same manner is Elon Musk praising the bloke.

Anyway, maybe this death will cause a resurgence in his writings?

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