If this article works new types of files can be uploaded to articles

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This is kind of a test.

I have updated the article submission process so instead of the primary image people can upload .exe files, pdfs, webms and zip folders...
Anything really should work.
I will have to test the .webm video function at some point.
I am going to have to add MP4 and music files too now that I find myself writing this.

Hopefully the blog display page correctly displays a different thumbnail for this.

I will need to update the main page to include also display the thumbnail correctly.

Eventually I want the repository to collect download/open links of every PDF and program and have the associated article at hand too for them.

Oh and this PDF if anyone is interested is on one time pads and basic cypher machines. It's common knowledge sure but occasionally I have come across people who are not skilled with secure communications.

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Included articles.php file...